Monday, October 3, 2011

The art of wizardry - Laying Plans

Hello everyone,

It's been a long time ago, I didn't had much time to play the last months.
And what better way to come back to the game with a new blog post :).

Let me first explain what this post is about.

I will try and put the knowledge of Sun-Tzu's 'The art of war' into a Wizard101 environment.

Sun-Tzu was an ancient Chinese military general, strategist and philosopher who is traditionally believed, and who is most likely, to have authored 'The art of war', an influential ancient Chinese book on military strategy. (from wikipedia)

You can find the whole English translation of the book to read online in this link:

This post will contain 'The art of war' first chapter, I will try to do them all eventually :).

Chapter One -Laying plans:

War is all around the spiral, You'll either be fighting off monsters, bosses or

even other wizards, It is important to understand you need to farm that gold, get those items, or feel the rush of a victory in the arena. This makes war a vital
part of Wizard101.

If you enter a battle in Wizard101, You'll either come out victorious or beaten.
It is very important that you try what your wizard can and can't do, find out his
or her limit. This way you will learn to predict battle outcomes before you even
fought them.

To predict these outcomes of fights a little easier there are five 'rules' you
should follow.

* 1) The Moral Law
* 2) Heaven
* 3) Earth
* 4) The Commander
* 5) Method and discipline

The moral law represents the loyalty of friends who you battle with, they should
be prepared to sacrifice themself for the greater good. As should you for them.
When you reach this bond with your teammates, your party will not fear a thing!

Heaven represents the circumstances you face in battle. Which bubble is active?
what player or monsters is casting which spells? How can you change these
circumstances in your favor? You should be asking these questions all the time as
these circumstances keep changing every round.

Earth represents danger and security, the chances to survive. You need to try and
grasp the 'terrain' you are fighting. Can you attack but still survive? are you
far enough ahead to go offensive? :)

The Commander or in Wizard101 the leader of the party should have good wisdom of
the game. Knowing when and which decisions to make. He must be friendly yet
he must make his plans very clear. But most of all he should be able to adapt and
accept input from his party.

Method and discipline represents the ability of each party member to know its
role in the party and trying to execute it in it's best abilities. Try to follow
the leader (Commander) to execute the teams strategy. And most of all learn
working as a team.

These Five 'Rules' are of vital importance to every Wizard, Learn and practice
them and you will be victorious! Neglect them and you will put yourself in

Therefore, In your decisions to determine the outcome of battles. Let them be
made the basis of a comparison, in this wise:

* (1) Which party leader is imbued with the moral law?
* (2) Which party leader has the most skill?
* (3) With whom lie the advantages derived from the 'Heaven' and 'Earth' rules?
* (4) Which party follows orders well and who does this more meticulous?
* (5) Which party is stronger (based on gear/level/pets and so on)?
* (6) Which of the parties is the most experienced?
* (7) Which party is more fair and rewarding to play in?

By means of these seven considerations you can forecast victory or defeat!

The leader that acts upon these Rules & considerations will conquer, let him or
her be the one in command!

If you understand what is told here, use it to gain a strategic advantage.

With strategic advantage I mean get the best out of favorable circumstances and
swing the battle in your favor.

All warfare is based on deception. Try and be as deceptive as you can be in
battle. It will add an extra difficulty for the team you are facing.

So if you are able to attack, seem unable, when active; seem inactive, make him
or her think you are going offensive when on defense and the other way around.

If the enemies has an advantage try to bait him with it and crush them when they
are in disorder.

If the enemy is prepared, make sure you are prepared for him or her too. And if
He's in superior strength, try and evade him or her.

If your enemy is equipped for a long fight, try and wear him down slowly. Pretend
to be weak, so that he or her may grow arrogant.

If the enemy commander is at his or her ease. Try to disrupt and separate his
team from achieving their strategy. (use of disruptive spells).

Attack when your enemy is not prepared, try to strike where no enemy could
expect it.

These general 'Rules' lead you to victory. Make sure you keep adapting as the
way to victory keeps changing.

The Wizard who wins the battle makes many calculations before the battle is even
The Wizard that lost makes only FEW calculations beforehand.
So, do many calculations to win, or neglect them and be defeated.
It is by attention to this point that you can foresee battle outcomes!

That's it for today, I know, it's a lot of reading. I do hope some of you enjoyed this post and learn to be a better Wizard in battle :).

Take care everyone,
Wolf Tamer.


  1. I'm reading this, too, and I'm glad you've done your own translation for this game :) Welcome back, Wolf!

  2. Hello Kevin,

    I'm glad to be back, thank you for your comments :)