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Ymir - The Gravel-yeller

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This time I'm going to talk about Ymir.

1) Who is Ymir?

  •  Ice wizards and wizardesses (yes I don't call them witches, and neither should you!) Have met this Frost giant before. He appears at the quest Horn of winter. I believe this is the quests that awards you with your own little Ice collosus!
  • Later in the game, in the area of Wintertusk you encounter him again, at the end of nastrond.

This made me curious if he was related to some real life lore. And when I'm curious I HAVE to find out more about the subject.

2) Ymir related to norse mythology.

  • Ymir (wich means: twin) also known as 'Aurgelmir' (which means gravel-yeller in old norse) is the founder of the race of Frost Giants.
  • The oldest off all beings arose from melting of the ancient Glacial in the icy Elivàgar, because of his old age he is also known as 'The wise'

3) Ymir shaping the world

  • In the following translated poem you find the Norse account of the creation of the present:

Old tales I remember  |  of men long ago.
I remember yet  |  the giants of lore [...]
Of old was the age  |  when Ymir lived;
No Sea nor cool waves  |  nor sand there were;
Earth had not been  |  nor heaven above,
Only a yawning gap  |  and grass nowhere.

Taken from wiki for people who like to read it, contains explicit words! (bold means relevant to wizard101):

According to these poems, in the beginning there was nothing except for the ice of Niflheim, to the north, and the fire of Muspelheim, to the south. Between them was a yawning gap called Ginnungagap and there a few pieces of ice melted by a few sparks of fire created a moisture called eitr, the liquid substance of life. Ymir was the first to be conceived as drops of eitr joined together and formed a giant of rime frost (ahrimthurs) and sparks from Muspelheim brought him to life. While Ymir slept, the sweat under his arms became two more giants, one male and one female, and one of his legs mated with the other to create a third, a son Þrúðgelmir. These were the forebearers of the family of frost giants or jutuns. They were nursed by the cow giant Auðumbla who, like Ymir, was created from the melting ice in Ginnungagap. Auðumbla herself fed on a block of salty ice, and her licking sculpted it into the shape of a man who became Búri, the ancestor of the gods (Æsir) and the grandfather of Odin.[2][3]

Buri fathered Borr, and Borr fathered three sons, the gods Vili, and Odin. These brothers killed the giant Ymir, and unleashed a vast flood from Ymir's blood killing all the frost giants but the son of ÞrúðgelmirBergelmir, and Bergelmir's wife who all took safety in a hollow tree. Odin and his brothers used Ymir's lifeless body to create the universe. They carried it to the center of Ginnungagap and there they ground his flesh into dirt. The maggots that appeared in his flesh became the dwarves that live under the earth. His bones became the mountains, his teeth rocks and pebbles. Odin strewed Ymir's brains into the sky to create the clouds, and took sparks and embers from Muspelheim for the sun, moon and stars. The gods placed four dwarvesNorðri (North), Suðri (South), Austri (East), and Vestri (West)—to hold up Ymir's skull and create the heavens.

It's becoming more clear now, I'm afraid Ymir is not sleeping there, he may have passed away as we can see the 4 'dwarves' Nordri, Sudri, Austri and Vestri at the end of the battle in Nastrond. They are there to hold up 'Ymir's skull', The above text also mentions The lifeless body of Ymir placed into the dirt, And we encounter him grounded in a dirt cave under a big tree in Nastrond.

That's it for now, all comments are appreciated. I will continue my hunt throughout the spiral to find what hasn't found before and to boldly go where... uh wait forget that!

'Till next time wizards!
Wolf Tamer.

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  1. This was especially interesting. I think lots of us were scratching our heads about Nastrond and all it's mysteries. Thanks for the lore and the insight Wolf! always a good read!