Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Grizzleheim lore connected to Beowulf

Hello everyone,

Today I'm glad to announce another post about grizzleheim. This area's lore has totally took me by surprise. I like walking around and figuring out how to transliterate the runes. People loved to hear me talk about them.

Well this post is a little different, but I'll try to link some of the Grizzleheim's lore with 'Beowulf'

Who or what is Beowolf you would ask yourself. Beowulf is both a Poem and a mythical Nordic Hero. You can find the whole poem here: http://www.humanities.mcmaster.ca/~beowulf/main.html (both in old and modern English).

If you don't like reading poems, There are a couple of movies made about the legend of Beowulf.
I can recommend this one: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0442933/

The first thing I noticed about Beowulf relating with Grizzleheim was due to a nice comment from one of my followers: The Fabulous K

Most of the credits for this discovery go to him, Thanks wizard!

In my Blog Post about the translations in Nidavellir i translated 2 sentences on the ground:

On the arc was written:
"There do I see the line of my people calling to me, they bid me to take my place among."

And on the straight line:
"Among them in the halls of Vahallaz (Walhalla?) here the brave shall rest forever in time."

Now I want to talk about a movie called "The 13th warrior", it is based on the novel 'Eaters of the dead'
That novel was based on the Poem 'Beowulf'.

Now I want to show you a clip from that movie, be prepared to be surprised :)

It seems like I was quite close with the translations, I'm happy for that. I will of course further investigate links between both 'Lore'.

That's it, Take care everyone
Wolf Tamer.

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