Friday, November 19, 2010

Translations Celestia

Hello Everyone,

Today I bring you, the translations of the script used all over Celestia.

In the district of stars, around the archivist there are 3 rooms, each room has 4 Paintings with script beneath it.

The Warden

The Kraken

The Phoenix

The Fountain

The Stag

The Hound

The Messenger

The Crab

The Serpent

The Gallion

The Loom

The Charriot

After I and CadealThor were guessing a while what they meant I managed to make a translation image for almost each letter of the alphabet.

With this at my side i went on and explored Celestia, Asking around if people know any places where they had seen this script, hoping i was able to translate it.  Well i found some places with some help. (Thank Kevin and Ronan.)

District of the stars - A small building near Thule:
"Sun Moon Stars" (Repeating all over the building)

District of the stars - Behind Thule, on the pillars
"nus srarts" (this obviously means "Sun Stars")

Celestia Base Camp - On the Sun, Star and Moon Portals
(These were very hard to read, I used screenshots and altered the brightness)

"We swear to seek the truth,
We must fear the unknown,
We will stray from the path"

Tunnel in Stormriven
(Each segment repeats the same thing, the texture just has a different offset on each segment)

"Suns flame dispels doubt,
The moon light inspires us,
Our passage is in the stars."

District of the stars - In the middle of a bunch of Shark monsters there's a pillar

"Stars guide us through the void."
"Our passage is written in the stars."
"We will never falter on the path."

Thats it for now, I hope you enjoy them, If you know more places to be translated please leave a comment :)


  1. The one about fear. I think you missed 2 "not"s. It's not fear, and not stray. But impressive nontheless

  2. Yes i made a mistake in one of the translations, Thanks for pointing this out 'SorionHex'.

    Corrected translations:

    "We swear to seek the truth,
    We must NOT fear the unknown,
    We will NOT stray from the path"

    Wolf Tamer.

  3. Awesome job! Major respect points!

    ~Blaze Silverfist
    The Awesome Sauce-erer

  4. The pictures of the paintings in the District of the Stars by the Archivist; the warden, kraken, phoenix, fountain, loom, stag, serpent, galleon, chariot, crab, messenger, and hound. Aren't those part of the books we have to get for Deidre?

    I know I definitely remember about the kraken, loom, serpent, galleon, and crab.


  5. @SorceressMiklai My myth is about to reach Celestia, i was planning on following the story line closer now. I'll keep an eye out ;) Thanks for pointing this out!