Saturday, November 27, 2010

Door Number Four

Hello everyone,

On my way throughout Celestia i came across a lot of things i wasn't able to figure out.

One of these was 'Door number four' as i like to call it, and i will explain why :)

As a wizard arrives in Celestia, the first area you go is the 'Survey Camp', Have you ever stopped and took a look at the symbol beside the Door to 'Survey Camp'?

At first glance nothing special, not used in any old scripts i could find, but then i came up with something.
Almost every door you can access in Celestia Base Camp has the same symbol on it, with a slight variation. There are dots in the middle of the symbol, which i believe to represent numbers, numbers which lay out a path a wizard takes in Celestia in chronological order (i hope i got that word right lol)

For example, we start out at the 'Survey Camp', note the symbol on the door, (One dot, 'number one')
First Zone In Celestia...

This goes on, Second Door, 'Science Center' (Two dots, 'number two')

a third one, 'Crab empire' (three dots, 'number three')

And where it gets very, very, interesting, Door Number Four, KingsIsle obviously planned for Wizards to take this door next, where does it lead, who is behind it, ..., So far, one can only guess, And I like you to put in the comments what you think is behind... Door number four!!!

I hope you like this mystery, i sure do, i hope you guys leave lots of comments.

'Till next time, take care!
Wolf Tamer.


  1. Keep it up Wolf! Very impressive observations!

  2. I agree with Kevin and would love to know what is behind that door! :)

  3. hate to criticize but you have it all wrong true the first area is the survey camp but then you go to the district of the stars after you complete the stellarium you move on to the floating land to find sub parts to go to stormriven then oubviously after you find the parts you go to stormriven after you defeat tempus stormfist in stormriven temple you move on to do the lunarium after that you move onto the science center after you do the science center you move onto finally, the crusteacean empire where you do the stuff needed beat Calypso then the leader of the piscean then after that you move on to the solarium then after that you move on to the trial of the spheres and beat the game for then!

  4. You are right about that Kenneth, but what i meant was the doors that have the signs on them are in chronological order, floating land for example does not have such a sign :)