Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Script Translations

As Some of you may have noticed, there are lots of places in the worlds of Wizard101 where you may find a strange script or symbols, maybe written on a Rune Stone, some appear on the circle in battle. others are in places you would never think to look :)

I started doing some research and found more people who where interested what they meant, if they meant anything at all.

Since then I made it a personal hobby to research further into ancient scripts.

Aided by my good friend, 'Ronan Dawn', we started to investigate Grizzleheim. Nidavellir in particular. Ever noticed those little markings on the floor ;)

We made a lot of progress so far translating those Scripts, And yes, they DO mean something.

I will keep you posted with the first translations soon.

Wolf Tamer.

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