Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Grizzleheim - 'King' Hrothgar

"Help me! I don't want to freeze in this cage!"

Hello everyone, I'm here again for another blog post!

Hrothgar - 'The caged King'

Hrothgar is an NPC (non player character) in Wizard101. He gives the quest 'Black feathers'. Where you must seek out Kormak, defeat him and release Hrothgar afterwards.

Well, Hrothgar is also the King that requested Beowulf's help to defeat his Grendel (A mythical monster in the Norse lore). I'm sure you saw some hopping around in your adventures through Grizzleheim!

Let's analyze Kormak some more, I strongly think that Kormak comes from 'Cormac'.

Cormak is a male name, the name is ancient in the in the Irish 'Gaelic' language. (see 'Gaels').

The name consists out of two parts; Cor / Mac

Mac is Old Gaelic for "Son of" and can be used as either a prefix or a suffix.
Cor is more debated about, but it can mean, Raven, in old Gaelic. This is quite interesting cause the 'Monster' you have to defeat to free Hrothgar IS a Raven (or at least a bird like character).

After defeating 'Kormak' you are able to uncage 'King Hrothgar'. Just like Beowulf liberated King Hrothgar in the legend...

Now here's the thing, I can find no trace from Beowulf himself throughout Grizzleheim.

I was wondering, ..., Are WE, the Wizards the Beowulf of this game? :)

Thats all, Hope you like it :), take care everyone
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  1. There is however, a hint at Beowulf in Marleybone. One of the books describes a hero called, I believe, "Beomutt".

  2. Ah! Here's where it talks about it.

    And his name is actually Beormutt. He United all the tribes together. Now, the next story says that scientists thought that all the worlds were connected once. Maybe, Grizzleheim and Marleybone were connected around this time, and the dogs are related to the bears.