Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Mirror lake solo'ed @ level 70

Hello fellow wizards and wizardesses,

I have started playing Wizard101 again. It seems the game keeps attracting me.

Last time I played I got to the end of Zafaria. Today I needed to finish the "Mirror lake" dungeon. But sadly had no friends around to run it with me.

So I decided to go solo; Against all odds!

"I walked to the entrance of the dungeon, carefully positioned myself on the sigil, and in the next 10 seconds or so I was pulled into a whirlpool. I slowly got a grip again, and found myself underneath a lake.

I eventually gained my sight back and saw a very familiar silhouette. In a blink I of an eye I was face to face with Morganthe. Evil-doer extraordinaire!

I quickly grabbed my staff, put my wizard hat back on, and walked forward. I told her: "I refuse to accept the dark side, I will defend everything I believe in". Morganthe sighs, and calls forward one of her most loyal minions, Tse-Tse Snaketail.

First Battle - Tse-Tse Snaketail:

This first battle isn't that hard at all, just a storm boss (7095 hp) and his death minion (2905 hp).

I used a varied myth deck, a life amulet, ww robe, ww hat, and baconator boots. I added quite a lot of healing spells, but in the end I didn't need that much healing. The fight went very smooth.

Second battle - Spectral bosses:

This battle was more of challenge, You encounter 4 bosses (Myth, Fire, Ice, Sun).

These bosses can cheat. The elephant casts a tower shield (90%) on the first turn and keeps replacing it when he receives damage. Secondly he marks someone as a target, If that person does not cast a charm in time the next spells will be cast:

- Gorilla uses smoke screen
- Lion uses orthrus
- Zebra uses super blizzard
- The Elephant removes the mark and every other shield on the marked target

When you defeat the Gorilla, Lion and zebra, the mark from the elephant will have no consequences, he will start using a 'cheat'-scarecrow at the beginning of every third turn.

My strategy here was:
- Use sanctuary TC, as far as I know they heal almost never, and I haven't seen them cast any bubble spell too.
- Use of Talos minion to attract aggro, effectively splitting damage done between him and my wizard.
- I killed the 3 spectral minions first, and had no problems defending myself to the 'cheat'-scarecrow
- I used a life amulet and trained life as second school until Satyr.

This fight was long, but certainly not the hardest for me in this dungeon.

Third Battle - Goliath bruisers:

This battle took me 2 tries.

You encounter 4 ice 'bosses', although they have generic names, they still have almost 8k hp, cast towers a lot and can stun you.

They do not cheat at all.

My strategy:
- Use of sanctuary TC again, as they also don't heal, and I have not seen them casting bubbles.
- A lot of healing cards are needed also.
- Use of Talos for dividing aggro and removing tower shields.
- Use of earthquake to nullify their buffs.

This was a long battle for me. Their damage output wasn't that big, but they are very sturdy.

Just keep on defense when they have a lot of pips. Attack when you are safe (health wise) and they have low pips. It might take a while to go on offense.

Fourth and final battle - Stardust spider:

This was by far the most difficult fight to solo for me, taking over 5 tries.

You encounter 4 storm 'bosses', around 7k hp each.

No cheats here either, just raw storm power :)

My strategy:
- Use of plague and virulent plague to reduce output of storm damage taken by me.
- Use of specific gear bought to increase my Storm resistance from 48 to 60.
- I used sanctuary, but they may cast storm bubble
- Use of many shields

This final battle really let me explore different ways of dealing with so much damage.

But as they all start with about 6-8 pips, have almost nothing except damage spells, I tried to use plague first turn, as that was the moment I received the most damage.

Keep on defense until you are safe and have a pip advantage. Try summoning talos when possible, I don't recommend many other minions as tempest is almost spammed.

The fight will be long, don't rush attacks when you are not safe.

You have to be a bit lucky with the wild bolt spam :p

Finally I was there at the end of Mirror Lake, Proud as heck :)

This dungeon took me 5-6 hours to complete solo, including mana and health refills, and shopping for storm resist gear.

I hope this ecourages others to not give up when you got a challenge, there's almost always a way!

Take care everyone,
Wolf Tamer.