Saturday, March 5, 2011

Corrections Nidavellir translations

Hello fellow wizards,

Now that i have more knowledge about the Runes used all over GH, I managed to fix some translations that i did wrong in the past.

The half circle contains two sentences:

on the straight line it says:
"Among them in the halls of Vahallaz (Walhalla?) here the brave shall rest forever in time."

On the arc, it says the following:
"There do I see the line of my people calling to me, they bid me to take my place among."

I also translated the minor runestone housing item, but i've heard it was done before, here it is anyways:


four names it seems.

Thats all for now, keep looking for more anytime, and spread the word :)

Take care wizards!
Wolf Tamer.


  1. That's so weird because the first line is from the movie called The 13th Warrior which is based on a book called The Eater of the Dead. That book is based on Anglo-Saxon poem Beowulf. I knew those lines sounded so familiar. Those lines are probably from Beowulf. And MAYBE the names are the CEO of KI's children or wife and children??

  2. I think I saw that movie 'the 13th warrior', its the one where an arabian nobleman travels to scandinavia to assist a town under siege. right? I don't remember the line they said. I will watch it again, thanks Fabulous K :) seems like KI drops easter eggs everywhere. I will do some research on Beowulf too.