Friday, February 18, 2011

New GH translations!

Hello fellow wizards.

It's been a little while since i posted an article. I'm glad to announce some more translations from Grizzleheim!

The script was in Futhark Runes. more info about This script and its many variants can be found HERE

The first thing i encountered was a bench where a big bear was sitting down.
On the side of the bench it says: "Sit here" I guess these bears arent very clever :D

Next i found a Torch with the same Runic Script on it.
This one says "Light" O.o

So i decided to ask one of those bears about the intelligence of their species:

I ran away and went on hiding myself behind a wheelbarrow
The script on the side says:
"The plow is sharper than the sword and the axe"

That's all for now, i hope you enjoy it!
Take care wizards.
Wolf Tamer.


  1. Great job, and nice job incorporating humor!

  2. Thanks Kevin, I was actually trying to read script on the bear's helmet when i took that funny screenshot. turned out it were just ornaments :)